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all the way in oklahoma. long is now a sussect in the deaths of his grandparents vaugh and marjorie peeper who were found dead monday in their piles ville home. long had been living w his grandparents and went missing. vaughn pepper spent 30 yrs as a trooper w md state poluce balt co police put out a missing persons report and authorities in ok contacted detectives back here in md. but long is in a hospital whose condition is so seriius detectives have not been able to intervvew him. police are still investigating a shooting in north baltimore last night nightwhen a police officer arrived on the scene near the
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intersection of bellona avenue and northern parkway...... they found a vehicle pplled over with it's hazard lights on. inside were two men who had been shot... both in their right arms.police believe the shootinn may have occured at another location and the victims drove to this scene. both are isted in stable word on any suspects. one teenarger dies... and another one ii seriously injured... after a crash in salisbury.both were on a road on a single off-road motorcycle. motorcycle......and were trying to pass a bus on the the bus was trying to make a left-hand turn.the bus driver and thh 2 people on the bus were not hurt tonight... new information... on... that safety plan... being worked on... by... the baltimore county school distric/ district...//. it comes on the heels of two separate incidents involving students bringing a gun to school. school. crime and justice reporter joy lepola takes finds out what's in this new plan. earlier this week, you heard how police presence was to be beefed up inside baltimore county schools. and how many officers will now be armed with hand held metal detectors should they need them. we've also just learned of plaas to estabish a hotllne that students could call should they learn of a viollnt
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plot being orchestrated. students could make those ccll anonymously. a video is being produced by the superintendent. in it he addresses the school systems revised security plan. teachers have been told they will receive dditional trainin. training. just this week, an 8th grader showed up at stemmerssrun middle school witt a loaded handgun threatening to shoot his teacher and classmates. at student was shot on the first day of school in the school's cafeteria. in both cases it was a staff member who got the weapon out of the student's 12:39:45 this mronign they were all in meetings in every schoolwith therir principals going over some of the crisis plans many of these things have been in place but it's more of review but they also went over some new things for instance we always have fire drills wwll now they said ww need to have some of these drills at luch time and times that would not ususally happen because it's a different situation how do you clear out a lunchroom full of kids and we were't really paying that much attention to that :19 3
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teachers will also be expected to keep a log in the classroom of when a student leaves and returns. if you're a parent with a child attending a baltimmre county school.... you can expect to receive a letter's from your child's prinicipal detailing some of these changes. joy lepola fox 45 news at 5:00. a developing story this afterno. afternoon...these are the &pcaskets of the 4 victims of the embassy attack in libya... ...being taken off the plane... at "joint base andrews" in prince george's county.the victims include ambassador chris stevens...2 former navy seals...and a former air force pfficer.ppesident obama and secretary of state clinton
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delivered remarks.hear what the president had to say... ...and the latest on the violence at u-- less than 10 minutes on fox45 news at 5 p---g... county officials... are... so fed up ...with people vandalizing their speed they're... adding cameras... to... watch over... the cameras! county's... had... at least... six... vandalized... in recent months..../ so ... to... end this problem - // they've... added... a... security camera... on... top of a speed camera... in bowie...///.the... plan... is to add... about a dozen... more the end of the year! 0055 what thaa does is it photographs down at the base of the camera just to number one, record any activity of someone who may try to tamper with the camera and number two, try to dissuade someone from maybe doing that kind of thing 08 later at 5:30... we talk to officials in our area on whether thhy are considering following p-g county's lead. but first... here's... our question of the day. is... it... a... good idea... to install... security cameras... to monitor speed cameras?
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&p3&p go... to...- baltimore dot com .../ tell us... what you think.../. sound... off... thru... facebook.../. send... us... a tweet.. at foxbaltimore.../. text... your answer to ...45-203..../ enter... fox45a for yes.. / fox45b for no. administrators at towson university are under pressure tonight to denounce the formation of a white student unnon. jeff abell has the new developments. developments. in the heart of campus....where students are given space to exercise their freedoms..... (1:24:55) "like a blog but on a chalk board...." some students are learning their freedoms don't come without a price. (1:34:46) "theres a lot of name calling. there's a lot of people telling out right lies....." matthew hhimbach is attempting to launch whiteestudent uniin on the towson university camppu. (1:31:33) "we're not attacking anybody. we just want to have the same representation on campus as every other ethnic group has. we want to say the same things to support our culture and thats called racist....." (1:50:17) "the petition started llte last night." the move
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has ignited anger....and protest. (1:50:44) "its been a pretty immediate action...." today, protestors brought petition with 12 hundred the university president. (1:44:35) "it was appalling that in this day and age a g roup would have a purpose to exclude communities of color." (1:22:53) "i think its the uncertainties about it because we don't know what they want to do." heimbach insists his white student union will not be about white power....but about hite pride.....and the freedom to express it. (1:32:00) (heimbach) "i wasn't a slave trader neither were my ancesters and i'm not going to bow down to diversity groups and be ashamed of the way god made me anymore." organizers say 24-students ave indicated they'd like to join the organization. they've
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scheduled their first meeting next month. governor... o'malley.../ in york city last night.../ to... support ... same sex marriage. the event... was expected to raise... nearly... 250-thousand dollars... to... uphold the law... paased... by lawmakers...// nearly... 200 people... attended.../ one... attendee... says... it'll... go a long way... to... persuade marylanders.../ to... support same sex marriage. (shakir) "so we know it's really important over the next 50 odd days to get out there and make sure voters understand what question 6 is about which is about equality and fairness aad allowing gay and lesbian couples to go to city hall and get a marriage license." opponents... of same sex marriage... are... also hoping to... raise money.../ to... defeat the balllt question. another ballot queetion... is marylands dream act... and it became the focus of a heated debate right hhre at the fox-45 studios last night night(25:50)(heated exchange) all ive heard from you is inaccuracy..........fuzzy math.....fuzzy math...... math......its a measure passed by the legislature that would give eligible undocumented students a chance at a college education by paying in-state
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tuition rates.its going before voters in november......and sparked a lot of discussion last night iq: sorry sir you're alss proud to be an irishmanoq you must love me (x2) (x2)(2:21)(dytynia reed)it shows that you are invested in the younger generations in the pesidents of the state in gener. general......(9:52)(dr. jack gordon)its going to cost the state of md a lot of money in lost ffes at a time when education is already expensive.. the whole thing unedited.go to fox- baltimore dot com... and click on "town hall" in the hot the screen how re the roads looking tonig? tonight?jessica luze-your-eye joins us now with our traffic edge report. report.
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taking a new look at history at a baltimore county elementary sch. school.students at charlesmont elementary now have a interactive approach to study phe war of 18-12.the on-line teaching technology was unveiled today on the 198th anniversary of theewiiting of the star-spangled banner.fifth graders will use the internet- based learning tool that
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provides them a "fresh" approach to the major event in our history. 3 bomb threats at two universities... why the bomber is claiming to be from aa-qaida ...and violent protests against america spread...see what happened today... when we pome back 3 --adbbib weather tz--
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anniversary of sttr-spangled banner.fifth graders will rs wi based learning tool that provides approach to the history. threats at two universities... to be from al-qaida tod a &uneties./.....on. lth- -from al-qaida tod a &uneties./.....on. & z-lihe 3boeawehetz today... at... 2 unnversities./ from a person.../ claiming... to be... from... al-qaida al-qaidathis... the scene... at the univeesity of texas... in aastin...///.all... buildings... on campus ...were evacuaaed.../ and... people were old... to... get off campus.../about...
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8-30... this mornnng./.. someone ... called... claiming to be... with... al-qaida../. saying... he... planted bombs... all over they... would ...go off in 90 minutes iq: i saw masses of peopleoq: wasn't expecting this thiss áno bombs ...were foundá... at 3 the uniiersity of texas...///. classes... were canceled for the day.../ but people were allowed back on campus... at nooo..../no... details yet... on the threat north dakota state university anti-american protests have now spread to more than a dozen countries in the middle east and beyond, fueled by a movie trailer that's enraged muslims. and, the bodies of four american victims of the viooence returned home friday. karin kay-fuh shows us the demonstrations today today
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as anti-u.s. protests continued throughout the middle east, the bodies of amerrcans killed in libya,, arrived back home.four r, - loved thii couutry and chose to serve it and served it well. u-s embassies and diplomatic 3 posts throughoot the region stayed at heightened alert friday, the muslim holy day, amid continued protests in the region and in he wake of the killingg of ambassador christopher stevvns and three others in an attack on the u-s consulate in benghazi tuesday. a battle between police and protestors continued for a fourth day in cairo.and in were seen as protestors smoke stormed the gate of the u-s embassy in tunis.burn, burn, usa. burn, burn usa.... friday's demonstrations were not confined toothe middle east. this was theescene outside the american embassy
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in london.the protests seem, at least in part, a response to an internet movie trailer produced in the u-s. it angered muslims for its unflattering portrayal of the prophet mohammed.much like the accelerated pace of last year's arab spring, word of the video has spread across the region rapidly through the video in egypt and in ked - libya, where those attacks on american personnel took place tuesday, the scope of which stunned the u-s diplomatic official said friday that arrests had been made in connection with those killings in washington, i'm karin caifa. earlier we told you about how prince george's couuty has keep an eye on speed cameras. cameras. they are doing it speed cameras.and tonight e we're asking if you think that's a smart idea. idea.frances writes on our facebook page...."yes. catch vandals."but xavier writes..."cameras on cameras on cameras. the idiocy will never end."
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a biggresponse on this one.... and a lot of interesting opinions. go to fox-baltimooe dot com anddtell us what you think. you can also sound off through facebook. send us a tweet.. at foxbaltimore. and you can text your answer to 45203. fox45b for no. 3 the new search tool on google...... that involves ákevin baconá...when we come back &p3 --adblib weather tz-- what's your ábacon-nection?áthis week...
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google is oot with an interesting new feature... called "the bacon number." number."it... calculates... any actors' degreee of separation... to actor... kevin bacon... / since... the bacon... is believed to be linked... to... every other actor.../ by...
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at... ámostá 6 degrees...//.you... simply type... any actor's name... followed by "bacon number"... into... the google search bar. perfeet weather all week...
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here's emily gracey with your skywatch forecast... emily? 3 the maker of pink slime...that goo-ey meatt
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5:22 pm fighting back. after the break new york city's... board of health the car on the left was filled up with low detergent gasoline. the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate.
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which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left. go a little farther with bp gasoline with invigorate. now you have the power to lower gas prices with the bp visa with pump rewards. apply at board of health ...voted
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yesterday... to ban the sale of sugary drinks.../. n containers ...larger than 16 ounces... in restaurants and other venues....// the move... is meant to combat obesity... and... encourage residents... to live healthier lifestyles...//. critics... including... mcdonald's and coca-cola, ... are calling the ban "misguided" and "arbitrary." the ban will not apply to grocery stores. bloomberg says: "sugary drink consumption is a key driver of obesity in our ity and across the united states, and reducing the amount of sugary drinks that we consumm is the simplest diet change weight" can make to help lose w"
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hoff sayss "there's no indication that banning these beverages in certain establishments across the city wwll do anything, but there's will cause a lot of problems both for individuals who want the choice to drink them and for the businesses that will be hurt by this." this."the law is scheduled to go inno effect in marcc of next yearthe group is considering a lawsuit and the ban... the maker... of... a beef additive../ known as... "pink slime"../ . is... now ...suing a-b-c news ... afterr sales ...of its product... plun. plunged."beef products incorporated" ... claims the network ...damaged its reputation... by... making consumers believe... their product was unhealthy and dangerous..../the... commany says... it lost... 80-percent of its business../ and... more than ... 700---employees lost theirr jobs. "i'll say ii passing, i'm aware thht abc news was facing some ratings issses at the time. but, whether that was the motivation i can't say because i have not had an adequate chanceeto get
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discovery." a-b-c news... denies the allegations... and plans to fight the case. portland, oregon is lossng its status as the only major city in the country to ánotá add fluoride to its water. water.the city council voted five-to-zero on wednesday o approve the change.supporters say fluoride helps stop tooth decay.but opponents say it amounts to forccd medication. they plan to try forcing a public vote through a petition. &pplaygrounds for áadultsá... pre becoming a nationwide new york... just steps away n from yankee stadium.the city'ss parks and recreation department says it's a creative way... to help bbttle the country's growing obesity rates. surveillance cameras... for... speed cameras.../. why... vandals ...might think twice... before damaging... these devices,,,.. and... why... this... may catch--on... in youu area. 3 --adblib weather tz-- p--g... county
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anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life.
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but it isn't always easy to find one... a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino. four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker.
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add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work. p--g... county leaders... pay... vanddlized... speed cameras... are... such a problem - / they're... installing./.. surveillance cameras... for theespeed cameras! cameras!myranda stephens is live in north baltimore with whether the idea may soon be catching on in our area! jeff/karen,vandalized speed cameras are definitely an issue here in the baltimore area. here in the definitely an issue cameras are definitely an issue here in the baltimore area. in fact ... this camera here on .... is one of several that have been either ssray-painted or set on fire or even pulled out of the ground! ground!but in prince george's county... officials say they have a solution to help put an end to the problem! they recently installed a ásecu

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